Podcast: Episode #21

The Poe Underground Podcast episode twenty one is now here. We have three songs / poems featured.

I want to share this first suite of poems that I wrote here. I named this suite “Soup of Shadows” as this phrase appears in the first poem.

Soup of Shadows (Suite):

Today I sit by dark windows where no one can see me
None of it matters anyway
because God has forsaken me and you
(probably as well)
Today I dissolve in the soup of shadows
where no one detect me.
But what does it matter?

Even with bright lights on
you pass over me as God does (too)
So today, I sink into the blackness
and become one with darkness
where no one can detect me
except maybe an owl or a famished rat

I I live in a tundra of anguish
friends as scarce as precipitation
Alone, I wander the badlands of extreme abandonment and betrayal

The voice of silence my only companion
Bold lizards flash their forked tongues
Black scorpions scurry into the bush

I am doomed as the clock on the bomb counts backwards
No one will hear the blast
and all the little critters flee

My life has become evasion
with a wee bit of deprivation
followed by the recent episodes of
spaces expanding
The walls recede away from me
leaving me a great expanse of nothingness

Year after terrible year
the awful rule of the Benjamins
never relent
on our endless pursuit of them
we wearily stuff our pockets with the bloodied green
so we may live to see another day

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